K-Pop Idols Who Owns Personal YouTube Channels

Youtube is the platform for all artists worldwide to share their music videos, dance practice, programs, and backstage and gets known to the world. Most if not all of this video is posted on channels that are owned by their entertainment company. However, during the past few years, many idols have created their own personal YouTube channels to get closer to their fans by sharing their daily life.

here is a list of k-pop idols who has a personal youtube channel:

1. Wonho (ohhoho 오호호)

Wonho joined YouTube on 1st October 2020. His channel has nearly 360,000 subscribers. Wonho shares around 65 videos on his channel. The video consists of his workout sessions, behind the scenes of his promotions, food recipes, mukbangd ASMAR, and he even has his own radio show.

2. MAMAMOO’s Solar (@솔라시도 solarsido)

Solar joined YouTube on 16 February 2019. her channel has nearly 3.23 M subscribers. Solar shares around 241 videos on her channel. She share song covers, tips, vlogs and challenges.

3. MAMAMOO's Hwasa (@HWASA official)

Hwasa joined yourube on her birthday ( 13 July 2021) she shared two videos on her channel, they are “draft version” of MAMAMOO’s 2020 hit “Dingga” and introduction to her channel which she wrote “Hwasa or Maria. I’ll share my daily life with you. Hwasa? Or Maria? Let me see! This is me! Now, let me tell you about me. Actually, there’s nothing special :)”. In less than 24 hours she gain up to 130,000 subscribers!!

4. HyunA (@HyunA)

Unlike any other Kpop idols youtube channels hyunA shares couple videos on her channel with her boyfriend DWAN and she share some advices for her fans, with some backstage, dance practice and music videos. her channel has nearly 2.5M subscribers!

5. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (@탱구TV)

Taeyeon has a youtube channel that gain around 1.3M subscribers. She use to post vlogs of her daily life as an idol. In her vlogs she shared some backstage moments and rehearsals of her performances. However, last video she post was around 2 years ago, fans missed her vlog and they hope she start posting again.

6. Apink’s Yoon Bomi (@뽐뽐뽐)

Yoon Bomi post in her channels different types of videos such as travel vlogs , Q&A sessions, unboxing and makeup tutorials. she gain around 900,000 subscribers.

7. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany (@Tiffany Young)

Tiffany has around 720,000 subscribers. She post music videos, and vlogs.

8. Ladies’ Code’s Ashley (@ashleybchoi)

Unlike other idols Ashley post English vlogs of her daily life. She has around 230,000 subscribers!

9. SUPER JUNIOR's Ryeowook (@려욱이의 아지트)

Ryeowook has around 350,000 subscribers and he posted around 90 videos in the last two years. he post around 2 videos a week. Most of the videos that he posts are vlogs of his daily life and trips.

10. BLACKPINK’s Lisa (@Lilifilm Official)

Lisa share videos of vlogs with the other members and dance performances for her 7.85M subscribers.

11. EXO’s Chen (@CHEN)

Chen post music covers on his channel for his 1.9M subscribers.

and here a list of other idols:

12. Apink’s Hayoung (@오하빵 ohhabbang)

13. BIGBANG’s Daesung (@D’splay)

14. Choa (@초아 CHOA)

15. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri (@혜리)

16. CLC’s Seunghee (@오승희 OH SEUNGHEE)

17. BLACKPINK’s Rosé (@ROSÉ Official)

18. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (@Yoona’s So Wonderful Day)

19. GOT7’s JB (@JAY B.)

20. T-ara’s Jiyeon (@지연 JIYEON)

21. iKON’s Chanwoo (@찬우살이)

22. EXO’s Baekhyun (@백현 Baekhyun)

23. IU (@이지금 (@이지금 [IU Official])

24. f(x)’s Amber (@Amber Liu)

25. f(x)’s Luna (@Luna’s Alphabet루나의 알파)

26. Day6’s Jae (@JaeSix)

27. AKMU’s Suhyun (@MochiPeach)

28. 2NE1’s Dara (@DARA TV)

29. g.o.d’s Joon Park (@와썹맨-Wassup Man)

30. Kasper (@Kasper & Lynn)

31. VIXX’s N (@achahakyeon)

32. OH MY GIRL’s Mimi (@밈PD / [__-_____-_]mmmii)

33. Cocosori’s Coco (@rilacCoco 이코코)

34. Cocosori’s Sori (@SoriNotSorry!소리)