Lucas apologizes and SM announces he's suspending!

On August 23, a Korean netizen claiming to be Lucas’s ex-girlfriend uploaded a post on her social media and accused him of gaslighting and being a gold digger. She said she was a fan until she starts dating him, and they broke up due to his busy schedule. And she posts some of the conversations that happened between them and pictures of him.

On August 24, 2 chinses former fans spoke up on Weibo ( social media site), accusing Lucas of cheating and gaslighting them. They said that Lucas reached to them and slept with them. And they claimed that he was dating them at the same time, and he invited them to go to his home, smoke and drink with him. Also, one of them said he was talking badly about his group members.

On August 25, the ex-girlfriend claimed that NCT members start spam calling her. And may accuser added making Lucas posting an apology letter on his Instagram account as follow:

"This is Lucas.

I sincerely apologize to those hurt by my wrongdoings. If given the opportunity, I would like to apologize personally.

I also sincerely apologize to the fans, who have been giving me a lot of love and support, because of this incident.

looking at the situation over the past few days, I looked back on my past actions and truly reflected on myself. Looking back on my past behavior, it was definitely wrong, and I was irresponsibly throwing away the support fans have given me for a long time.

Once again, I would like to say sorry to everyone who feels disappointed in my actions. In order for this to not happen again, I will suspend all planned activities to have time to reflect.

Lastly, I apologize to my members, company staff, various business partners, and broadcast station officials as well for causing harm.

I am truly sorry."

Also, SM Entertainment released an official statement announcing the suspension of Lucas' promotions. The label stated:

"Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

We are sorry for causing worry over our artist Lucas' private life issues.

We acknowledge the seriousness of the issue, and we have decided to suspend the release of all contents of WayV Lucas and Hendery's single 'Jalapeno' (the song, MV, etc).

Lucas is deeply reflecting on causing damage and disappointment for his wrongdoings, and the company feels responsible as well for the lack of artist management.

Once again, we deeply apologize to many people, including the fans, for causing worry due to Lucas' private life issue."

Some fans are mad that SM forced Lucas to post an apology, and these are just an accusation to ruin the comeback.

What do you think about these accusations? I think they might be true. As they say, there is no smoke without fire.

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